Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Christmas Story: Through Mary's Eyes

What do the 145 verses found in Matthew and Luke really tell us about the true Christmas story?
An in-depth look at Matthew’s story reveals facts Joseph would know:

·      Mary and Joseph were betrothed.
·      Mary was found to be with child.
·      Joseph planned to send her away secretly.
·      The angel appeared to Joseph.
·      He awoke and took Mary as his wife.
·      Jesus was born.
·      The Eastern Magi visit the couple.
·      An angel appears to Joseph who immediately takes his family to Egypt.
·      The family returned to Nazareth.

An in-depth look at Luke’s story reveals facts Mary would know:

·      Gabriel visited Zachariah announcing the birth of John the Baptist.
·      Gabriel visited Mary.
·      Mary hurried to visit Elizabeth.
·      John the Baptist was born.
·      Jesus was born.
·      The shepherds visited the stable.
·      Jesus was presented in the temple.
·      The family returned to Nazareth.

Are these men writing about the same birth? Aside from the family’s return to Nazareth, the only event that is the same is the birth of Christ,

Many educated men and organizations have tried to take this fact out of the reason for the Christmas season. But even the scripture shows us that all the other celebrations and events leading up to that miraculous event are not important. If we take the birth of Christ out of Christmas, we have no reason to celebrate. There is no holiday.

In the form of a tiny human baby, Mary gave us the greatest gift. Because of this gift, God gives us the ultimate gift of eternity.

When you receive gifts, do you leave them lying around unopened? Do they sit under the tree for years before you rip into the paper to see what is inside? So why do we not open the greatest gift we could possibly receive in our lifetime?

When we open the gift God wants to give us, we receive a new life; a life filled with peace and joy. The turmoil and anxiety created by the commercialization of the season disappear.

Because of Mary’s willingness to serve her Lord, this gift is always available. All we have to do is open it.

I pray you have a very blessed Christmas and a New Year filled with all the blessings God wants to give you.


Mary Bailey is the author of “Jesus My Son: Mary’s Journal of Jesus’ Early Life.” For more information, visit


  1. Truly, a beautiful story of two very young and very frieghten man and woman whose lives would change and world would change forever. A truly great gift from God. I look forward to reading the book.


  2. Mary's "the Magnificat" - her overwhelming gratitude and saintly song to God for having been told by the angel Gabriel that she will bear God's Son is truly amazing! It lets us mortals understand the divinity of the child born in the manger through Mary's eyes.

  3. The book sounds interesting.