Thursday, March 10, 2011

Tired of homosexuality displayed on TV

I just turned off The Mentalist and will not watch it again. I have always enjoyed the show, but I am so tired of having homosexuals thrown into my face every time I watch TV anymore.

I am not judgemental and don't really care what people do, but I do believe homosexuality is a sin. People sin all the time and I can't stop that, but it is repulsive for me to watch two men or two women being sexually involved. I refuse to watch any more shows where homosexuality is displayed.
I apologize if this offends anyone. I have some dear friends who are homesexuals. They respect my belief and do not flaunt their relationship in my presence. I enjoy their company. I am not condeming them.
I am condeming the TV stations for flaunting homosexuality in every show they produce anymore.

Just wondering, what kind of journal entry Mary would have written tonight. Her prayer would be:
Dear Lord, please give me the wisdom to know what you would have me to say and do and the courage to fight for what I think is right for my children and grandchildren.