Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Celebrating Christmas -- Through Mary's Eyes

Celebrating Christmas -- Through Mary's Point of View
It's getting close to Christmas. What was Mary thinking about this time as she prepared to travel on a donkey for 90 miles to Bethlehem?

We will leave early in the morning for the long trip to Bethlehem. It should take five or six days if everything goes as planned. My baby is due to arrive any time now. According to my estimates, he was conceived by the Holy Spirit nine months ago this time next week. My stomach is big and my body is telling me the time is soon. I’m starting to look exactly like Elizabeth right before John’s birth. Joseph is still hoping we can register for our taxes before the baby is born. He says if we get there after the birth, our taxes would increase.

Though the road will be crowded, we will be traveling alone most of the way because we will have to take more rests than the others. I am not sure how much bouncing on Droopy I can take in one day. We will start out with one group and then join other groups as we stop to rest and others come alone. Since everyone must go, there will be a constant flow of travelers. One worry I have is the thieves who take advantage of people on the trail. If Joseph and I are alone, we are easy prey for the predators. Although there is danger, I know God will take care of us. After all, I am carrying His son, but that fact still will not find a resting place in my mind.