Saturday, January 14, 2012

Jesus My Son: Mary's Journal of Jesus' Ministry

My second book, Jesus My Son: Mary's Journal of Jesus' Ministry has been printed. The approval copy has been sent, but I have not received it yet. No matter how many books you write, there is an excitment when each one is published. It is almost like having a baby, but the pain doesn't come until long after it is published. Writing this book has been a very rewarding experience for me. I have learned so much about the three and one-half years Jesus walked upon the earth performing miracles and teaching parables. As Mary talks to the people who receive these miracles, she also learns much about her son and the message he is preaching. I have begun the third of the series. This will be the most difficult to write...because we all know the ending. But do we know it through Mary's eyes. What did she think when she saw Judas come down the stairs and leave the house where Jesus and his followers were observing this celebration. How did she feel when the soldiers took Jesus away? She didn't hear any of the conversation or see the betrayal kiss. What did she think happened? Give me some ideas and I will give you credit in my next book.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Jesus is Circumcised

On the eighth day Mary's son was circumcised and given the name Jesus. Matthew 1:25
Around this time of year Jesus was circumcised and given a name. This name was given to Mary by the angel Gabriel when he first spoke to Mary. What if Mary had disobeyed and given her son another name? That couldn't happen because Mary obeyed unconditionally, but do you ever think "What if?"
Where were they staying when Jesus was circumcised? Did they have enough money to return home before they had to come back 30 days later to offer Jesus in the Gate of the Firstborn for the Redemption Ceremony? They could have decided to stay in Bethlehem. If so, were they still in the cave that was the stable where Jesus was born?
Who performed the circumcision? It was not unusual for the father to circumcise his son. They could have had a priest, but Joseph probably would have assisted. Jesus suffered from that pain just as your children suffer today. Mary probably cried when he cried--just as mothers do today.
Every pain, trial, temptation we encounter today was encountered by Mary and Jesus those many years ago. He is such a loving savior because He knows our pains. He experienced them just like we do today. He can help us through rough times because He knows firsthand how we feel. All we have to do is ask.