Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Jesus My Son: Mary' Journal of Jesus Ministry

Dear Followers,
In the form of Mary's Journal, I plan to keep you updated with the progress of my second novel in the Jesus My Son series.
I have chosen to publish my second book with WestbowPress. After much prayer and discussion with multiple publishers, I chose Westbow. I pray God will bless that decision for me and my publisher.
I am currently working with a representative to gather all the necessary submission copy for the publication. If you think writing a novel is hard, wait until you have to prepare the copy. Imagine trying to condense 76,000 words into 200 words to appear on the back of my cover.
I have enlisted the help of friends to read the manuscript and comment on content and errors. I appreciate everyone who so graciously pointed out my errors. Really, there is nothing better than a keen eye to review your writing.
I remember when my granddaughter, Autum, pointed out the first error in my first novel. I felt like someone had struck the baby I had been nurturing for six years. The error was small and it took me three times to find it even after she told me the page number. I am trying hard to make this book perfect with no errors! May need a few extra special prayers for that one...
That is it for now. I just wanted to share with you the progress to date.
Will hopefully post a weekly update for everyone to view.
Dear Lord, please bless this work and the words You have given me for this second novel of Mary's Journal. I have thoroughly enjoyed the learning experince of creating this journal and pray that I can convey my new knowledge to all my readers. Amen