Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Mary's Christmas Similiar to Ours Today

Tonight I received the best Christmas gift possible. I just got home from speaking at chapel services in PeeWee Valley Women’s Correctional Institute. The reaction of the women was one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever had. I learned that the best gift anyone can receive comes from giving your time doing something for God.

Talking about Mary’s view of that first Christmas uncovered many similarities with the Christmas most of those women will have this year. Mary certainly didn’t think she would be giving birth to the son of God in a lowly stable surrounded by animals. Many of those ladies tonight certainly didn’t think they would be spending this Christmas incarcerated. I certainly didn’t think I would ever be speaking about a book I had written.

It is amazing how we often end up in unusual situations. But it is up to each individual to make the most of each circumstance. Mary could only praise God for the blessing He had given her in the form of a baby boy. I praise God for giving me the ability to share my story and hopefully brighten their Christmas. I hope each of those women will make an effort to use the time they have to the best of their ability.

The only thing that can hold anyone prisoner is their mind. As long as God gives us the ability to think and learn, we are free. When I look at all the hustle and bustle of this season and the worried expressions on the faces of most people during this season, I almost envy the solitude and quiet within those walls. What an awesome opportunity to spend some quality time with God.

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