Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mary's Pregnancy: Through Her Eyes

Was Mary's pregnancy different from those of women today? Through her journal, readers can experience the pain, fear and joy that Jesus' mother felt as she was beginning her journey, not unlike those of many mothers today.

In her journal, Mary describes her feelings when the Holy Spirit overshadowed her and she became pregnant:

"When Your Spirit overshadowed me, I felt Your presence, but there was no physical interaction. My body seemed to float on a sea of radiant light as the power of the Most High overshadowed me and I received the seed of Your Holy Spirit. I awoke this morning knowing my body had conceived the beginning of the baby of Gabriel’s announcement. My Lord, You chose me for the ultimate blessing among women, but I am beginning to have second thoughts about this blessed journey."

Who can blame Mary for having second thoughts? How can anyone experience the presence of the Holy Spirit and not be afraid? She also feared the reaction of the people when they heard she was carrying the Messiah, the son of God, the redeemer of the Jews. She certainly did not foresee Joseph’s reaction:

"'How can this be? Are you no longer a virgin?' he asked as his big strong hands stroked his thin scraggly beard and… he turned away."

Joseph knew Mary had conceived a child by someone other than himself, her fiancé. By Jewish law, he could have her stoned, put her away privately or marry her. Without some form of divine intervention, the average person would not believe that the Messiah would be born from a humble peasant girl. 

Mary did carry Jesus for a full nine months, but she wasn't sure what to expect:

"From what I understand, I won’t be having any kind of monthly woman’s times for about nine months. I think this will be a typical pregnancy. Since God is in charge, He can do anything."

When Mary visited Elizabeth, she realized God was not going to spare her any of the pain or discomfort from the symptoms that accompany carrying a child:

"God could take away all the pain and discomfort with this pregnancy, but evidently it is going to be normal. My symptoms of morning sickness, nausea, and increase in appetite have been the same ones Elizabeth had. God sent me here to realize that. No matter what happens, I truly know God is in control."

Why did God send Mary to visit Elizabeth? God knew where Mary was going to be when she gave birth to His son. He wanted her to be as prepared as possible for the experience. Mary not only needed to learn all she could about the birthing process, she also needed the encouragement from the unrelenting faith of Zechariah and Elizabeth. When Elizabeth’s baby leaped in her womb and Mary was filled with her song of praise, any doubt she may have had vanished. She realized this visit was a part of God’s plan:

"They gave me the strength I need to get through this pregnancy. The experience of watching John’s birth taught me more than anyone could have told me about childbirth. I know this knowledge will help me in about six months. Who knows? I may be in some desolate place without anyone to help."

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